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Two Component Epoxy AB Structure Adhesive

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Epoxy resin AB structure adhesive is a delicate product developed by Shandong Hercules company. It is suitable for permanent fixture of marble, granite, artificial stones, steel, ceramics, cement, wood, etc.

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JUGUWANG Epoxy AB Adhesive A
JUGUWANG Epoxy AB Adhesive B


1.Epoxy Resin AB glue is produced with good thixotropy, easy to reconcile, and unflowing after mixing.
2.It possesses the character of excellent dynastic parameter , strong adhesion, and good shock resistance.
3. Epoxy Resin AB glue is a modified epoxy polymer with excellent water and chemical resistance after curing and also predominant weather resistance.
4. With non corrosivity, it’s harmless to human body.It can be cleaned with soap and water once careless viscosed.
5.Curing time is moderate, so easy to operate.


1.Two-component formula, fast curing at room temperature.
2.Strong adhesion, strong toughness, water resistance after curing,
3.Good moisture resistance, good weather resistance, thermal shock resistance, chemical resistance and water resistance, old walls do not need to be opened and posted and renovated.


1.Epoxy resin AB dry hanging adhesive is widely applied in the bonding of reinforced concrete building structural components, joint filling, repairing, sealing and so on.
2.Permanent bonding of wood furniture. It is suitable for bonding stone, wood, steel, iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, concrete, cement prefabricated parts, clay bricks, glass fiber reinforced plastics, artificial stones and other different materials.


1.Make the bonded surface rough, and mix the two parts thoroughly until the color is completely uniform in a ratio of 1:1 before using;
2.Operating temperature: -10ºC--45ºC;
3.Do not move the bonded parts until it is solidified completely;
4.Do not operate in the wet place;
5.Effective operating period for mixed adhesive is 15 minutes;
6.Do not return the mixed adhesive back to the original packing;
7.Clean the tools immediately with specified solvent after using;
8.Keep away from children to avoid eating mistakenly;
9.Shelf life:12 month (stored in dry and ventilate place).

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