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Bar Fastening Adhesive China Factory

short description:

1.Mixed epoxy resin, without formaldehyde, nontoxic;
2. Highly acidic and alkali resistances, ageing resistance;
3. Heat resistance, no creep deformation under room temperature;
4. Low moisture sensitivity and stable heavy duty.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Packing Specification

4L, 18L

Application Scope

1. The planting bar and fixing clamp of the reinforcement not reserved in the new project.
2. It is used when old buildings are added, reconstructed, beams and columns are expanded, structures are reinforced or projects are changed.
3. The penetration bonding to concrete is excellent, and the bonding strength to reinforcement is large, which can make reinforcement strongly bonded to concrete.
4. It can be used for planting reinforcement works of beam column, floor slab, retaining wall and continuous wall.
5. Planting screw and structural connector.

Product Display

4L bar fastening adhesive
18L Bar fastening adhesive
China Bar fastening adhesive


(1) Determination of achoring positon;
(2) Determination of the thickness of steel bar;
(3) check the size of aiguile and depth of drilling;
(4) Drilling;
(5) cleaning (blowing and brushing);
(6) Injection;
(7) Screwing in concrete iron;
(8) curing and tooling;
(9) construction after completely cured.


1.Apply the eligible adhesive after inspection;
2.Clean the boring in processing, add sufficient adhesive in it;
3.With rotatory manipulation slowly in stead of insertion;
4.Detection of anchoring effect by means of random checks, according
to the 1‰ of total volume  to detect four from each group average. axial
tension test are used to determine the impact of load bearing capacity
of load orientation.
5. Keep away from the contact of children, do not put into mouth
6. Pesonal protection: Wearing suitable gloves, glasses or screen for face;
The adhesive and hardeners may cause chemical harms to skin and eyes.
Rinse with water immediately and call a specialized doctor in serious case.

Storage and transportation

Shelf life is one year under cool and dry condition in
Non-dangerous goods, avaible for various transporation.

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