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Super Strong Epoxy Resin AB Adhesive Pure White

short description:

Main Market:Upmarket decoration engineering, interior decoration and stone processing.


I.High viscosity

II.Smooth paste

III.Fast drying

IV.Pure white, tasteless, fast curing speed and anti-aging.

Product Detail

Product Tags


Specification: 1L, 5L, 10L

Color: white A and white B

I. Epoxy resin AB dry hanging adhesive is widely applied in the bonding of reinforced concrete building structural components, joint filling, repairing, sealing and so on.
II. Permanent bonding of rock plate and furniture. It is suitable for bonding stone, wood, steel, iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, concrete, cement prefabricated parts, clay bricks, glass fiber reinforced plastics, artificial stones and so on.
III. It fits for the kind of stone material stick-up hanging glue, the old wall side without cutting and face lifting and the permanent stick-up of the lignum furniture.

Direction of Epoxy Resin AB Adhesive

1. The quota of A stack is equal to that of B stack.
2. Equal mixing and stirring. After equal mixing and stirring, the blare must be equal and the stone must also be completely stirred and mixed.
3. The mixed and stirred viscose must be used up in the valid time.
The higher the temperature, the shorter the effective time of its construction, and vice versa.
4. The viscosed parts can't be moved over the valid time of construction, if it need moving, the viscose must be mixed and stirred over again and then viscose the stone.

Storage:It should be kept in dry and ventilated place(above 10℃), closed over quickly after being used and group A, B should not contact with each other.
Shelf time: 12 month.

25℃ Degree

Variety of Product

PF quick dry style

Effective construction time

10 minutes

Primary dry time

1 hours

Completely freezing time

20-24 hours

The Scope of the construct time


The character is stability after mixing


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