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Q1: What is the construction temperature of marble adhesive? How about high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance?

A1: The optimum operating temperature of marble adhesive is 5 °C ~ 55 °C. If the temperature is too high, the state of the glue will change, and the glue will become thin or even flow, and the storage period will be shortened accordingly. The marble adhesive can be used at 145 °C if the state change of the marble glue is not considered. The high polymer formed after curing can resist -50 °C low temperature, but also can withstand 300 °C high temperature.

Q2: How long is the shelf life of marble adhesive?

A2: It can be stored for one year at room temperature(no more than 30 °C ). After curing , the service life of marble adhesive is more than 50 years in general if the construction is correct. If the environment is humid, or the construction site shows different degrees of acid-base, then the effective life of marble adhesive after curing will be correspondingly shortened.

Q3: Is marble adhesive poisonous?

A3: Marble adhesive is in the formation of polymer after curing, just like the artificial stone, will not release harmful substances, it is non-toxic harmless.

Q4: How to clean the marble adhesive?

A4: Uncured marble adhesive can be used alkaline solution (such as hot soap water, washing powder water, etc.) for cleaning. The cured marble adhesive can be removed with a shovel knife (limited to smooth or loose surface).

Q5: How to choose the right marble adhesive in Winter?

A5: If the average temperature in winter in your area is lower than 20 ℃, it is recommended to purchase SD Hercules adhesives produced by the winter formula.