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Red BPO (Benzoyl Peroxide) Hardener Paste For All Car Body Fillers

short description:

European Quality, Environmentally friendly,Delicate paste without layering and fading, with one-year warranty!

50% BPO Hardener Paste(Polyester Putty Hardener Paste) is widely used to cure epoxy resins. However, simply adding a hardener to an epoxy resin may not cause the epoxy mixture to cure quickly enough. If this is the case a different hardener may be required. Also, hardeners with certain additives can be used. These hardener additives serve as catalysts that speed up the curing process. Hardeners are almost always necessary to make an epoxy resin useful for its intended purpose. Without a hardener, epoxies do not achieve anywhere near the impressive mechanical and chemical properties that they would with the hardener. The correct type of hardener must be selected to ensure the epoxy mixture will meet the requirements of the application.

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Dibenzoyl Peroxide 50%
Color White or Red
Form Thixotropic Cream
Density(20°C) 1155kg/m3
Active oxygen 3.30%
Recommended storage temperature 10-25°C


BPO 50% Paste Polyester Putty Hardener
  Molecular formula C14H10O4
Molecular weight 242.23
CAS NO. 94-36-0
UN NO. 3104
CN NO. 52045
EINECS. 202-327-6
Chemical name Benzoyl peroxide 50% paste

Usage Condition

1.The best application temperature of this product should be 10℃ above or below the local average temperature.
2.The lowest application temperature of this product should be above 5℃. It needs to take necessary thermal insulation measures if below temperature 5℃.
3.The storage temperature should be less 30℃. If the room temperature is higher than 30℃, cooling measures shall be taken to ensure the warranty period of this product.

Product Display

Polyester Putty Hardener Paste
Polyester Putty Hardener Paste Agent


1.Do not return the mixed glue to the original can;
2.Stored in dry and shady place and keep the lid tightly closed after using;
3.12 months of shelf life (keep away from heat, humidity and sun light);
4.Do not make the bonded parts exposed in wet and frosty place;
5.Clean the tools immediately with special solvent after using;
6.Refer to the application direction on the package before using.

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