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Light Weight Putty Filler(Polyester putty) China Factory

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Light weight putty filler(Polyester putty) is a type of body filler that is commonly used in the automotive industry to fill in imperfections on a car’s body before painting. It is a two-component product, meaning it consists of a resin and a hardener that must be mixed together before application. Once mixed, it hardens quickly and can be sanded and shaped to achieve a smooth finish.

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1L*12 tins per carton

4L*4 tins per carton

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Lightweight body filler for car

How does Polyester Putty work?

Polyester putty works by chemically reacting with the hardener to form a hard, durable material. The putty is applied to the damaged area using a spreader or spatula and is then left to harden. Once the putty has hardened, it can be sanded and shaped to achieve a smooth finish.

The two components of the putty must be mixed together in the correct ratio to ensure that the putty hardens properly. If the ratio is incorrect, the putty may not harden at all or may become brittle and crack.

Benefits of Our Polyester Putty

1. Quick drying time: 2K polyester putty hardens quickly, which means that repairs can be completed faster than with other types of body fillers.

2.Easy to shape and sand: Once the putty has hardened, it can be easily sanded and shaped to achieve a smooth finish.

3.Durable: polyester putty is a durable material that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

4.Versatile:Polyester putty can be used to repair a wide range of imperfections on a car's body, including dents, scratches, and holes.

5.Water-resistant: Once the putty has hardened, it is water-resistant, which means that it can be used on parts of the car that are exposed to water.

Polyester putty


two-pack polyester putty. It is used for filling the pits, scrape uneven metal surface


Epoxy primer,steel surface

Substrates Treatment

Remove the rusted phosphor,oil,old paint film,and water completely with solvent and sanding machine.

Mixing ratio(by weight)

RAP-36: 100 parts  Special hardener: 2~3 parts

Pot Life

8-15 minutes@20℃

Drying Time

50-60 minutes@20℃

Sandability and Polishabiility

Sanding roughly by P80-P180 sanding paper
Sanding completely by P180-P320 sanding paper

Shelf Life

6 months since the production date if sealed and kept in a cool and dry place


1kg*12 tins/ ctn; 5kg*4tins/ctn

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