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What Is The Marble Adhesive In The Stone Adhesive? And What Are It’s Features?

Marble adhesive is one kind of two-component glue widely used in bonding, filling and positioning of various stones. Marble adhesive is one of the most commonly used adhesives for bonding.

Marble adhesive has many characteristics, such as fast curing speed, free radical polymerization mechanism of main resin and initiator, and it can adjust the amount of initiator and curing time within a certain range (from a few minutes to tens of minutes) during site construction, Construction can be carried out even when the temperature is lower than 0℃ in winter.

What Is The Marble Adhesive1
What Is The Marble Adhesive2

About colors, Marble adhesive can be mixed into various colors, such as white, red, blue, green, gray, black, etc. It can also be prepared into a translucent colorless colloid to fill and repair the joints of stones of different colors and patterns, so as to keep the same color as the stones.

Scope of application: marble adhesive has good bonding strength to a variety of stones and building materials, and is widely used in indoor stone decoration, stone furniture bonding, stone bar, stone crafts and so on.

Advantages: Marble adhesive has good construction performance, most of which are thixotropic glue. It has good application, convenient construction and easy removal of residual glue. The important reason for its widespread use is that the raw materials for manufacturing are widely available and the price of products is cheap, so it is very popular with users.

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Disadvantages: compared with epoxy resin AB glue, marble adhesive has some disadvantages, such as low bonding strength, large shrinkage after curing and brittle performance, so it can not be used for bonding heavy-duty stones. The durability, aging resistance and temperature resistance of marble glue are also poor, so it is not recommended to use it outdoors or in high buildings for a long time. In addition, the storage stability of marble adhesive is also poor, and with the passage of time, the performance decreases. Therefore, pay attention to the ex factory date and shelf life when purchasing and selecting.

Post time: Sep-23-2022