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What Are Differences Of Marble Adhesive, Epoxy AB Adhesive And Tile Adhesive?

Marble glue, Epoxy AB glue and tile glue. What are the differences between these three glues? Let's distinguish them.

The base material of marble glue is unsaturated resin, supplemented by curing agent (more base materials and less curing agent), which works together. It is mainly used for "quick fixing, gap and crack repair" of stone materials.Features: fast curing and setting (5 minutes), low temperature (- 10 degrees) curing, polishing after repairing the stone, low cost, slightly poor water and corrosion resistance durability, medium bonding strength, and shrinkage during curing. Marble glue can not be used in a large area.

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What are Differences-1

Epoxy AB adhesive is mainly two-component epoxy resin and curing agent. AB glue is also called epoxy AB dry hanging glue. It is mainly used for dry hanging structure bonding of stone materials. Features: the curing time is slightly longer (2 hours for initial drying, 24-72 hours for complete curing), the bonding strength is high, the water resistance and durability are strong, there is a certain elasticity, and there is no shrinkage cracking.

What are Differences-
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Ceramic tile adhesives are divided into "ceramic tile back coating adhesive" and "ceramic tile adhesive".

Ceramic tile adhesive is a cement-based Modified mixture, which is mainly formed by adding cement and other rubber powder mixed materials. Ceramic tile back glue (back coating glue) is a composite product of high-quality polymer lotion material and inorganic silicate.

To sum up briefly,marble glue: unsaturated resin plus curing agent (less curing agent). It dries quickly and has poor durability, water resistance and bonding strength. It is mainly used for rapid fixation and joint repair of stone materials, and can be polished. It is easy to shrink and crack in large area.

Epoxy Resin AB adhesive: epoxy resin plus curing agent (AB is generally 1:1). Slow drying, durable water resistance and high bonding strength. It is mainly used for dry hanging stone or other heavy materials. The construction method is point hanging, that is, local bonding.

Ceramic tile adhesives: it is cement-based plus glue powder. The bonding strength is lower than that of epoxy resin AB adhesive, and the cost is lower than that of epoxy AB adhesive. It is suitable for combined use with adhesive, covering the whole area with wet pasted heavy bricks.

Post time: Sep-23-2022